Coming up in the July 2019 issue of Australian Sky & Telescope magazine — on sale on June 6:

  • Parkes and the Apollo 11 moonwalk — Australia’s very own ‘dish’ played a vital role in bringing the first footsteps on another world to television screens around the globe.
  • Constant controversy — Astronomers can’t agree on the value of the Hubble constant — the number that describes the expansion rate of the universe. A solution is nowhere in sight.
  • Perfect images — Great deep sky imaging begins with well-tracked images. We show you how to track like an expert.
  • Test report — Could the DSI-IV be the best astronomical camera yet offered by Meade?

Plus: What’s in the sky tonight, all the latest Australasian and global news in astronomy and space science, telescope and astrophotography tips and so much more.

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