Coming up in the Nov/Dec 2019 issue of Australian Sky & Telescope magazine — on sale on October 17. Grab it from your local newsagent, or subscribe to the print or digital edition.

  • Solar showcase — We preview November’s transit of Mercury, December’s partial solar eclipse, and look ahead to 2020’s total solar eclipse.
  • Cosmic mariners — Astronomers are charting the vastness of the universe by tracking the currents in which galaxies ‘swim’.
  • Dark clouds in Taurus — Set yourself a challenge and spend a night navigating through nebulae in an under-observed part of the sky.
  • Test report — We check out JMI Wheeley Bars, a novel accessory that helps you move larges scope with minimal effort.

Plus: What’s in the sky tonight, all the latest Australasian and global news in astronomy and space science, telescope and astrophotography tips and so much more.

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