Coming up in the Jan/Feb 2021 issue of Australian Sky & Telescope magazine — on sale December 3.

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  • Complete 2021 sky guide — We give you everything you need to plan your next year’s observing sessions in our comprehensive 2021 sky guide.
  • Seeing satellites — We’ve all seen low-Earth orbit satellites flying overhead. But have you ever seen a geostationary satellite? We show you how.
  • Double vision — Twin telescopes are a great way to boost your imaging output when seeing conditions are favourable.
  • A place for everything — Keeping your eyepieces, filters, adaptors etc neat and tidy can be tricky. We reveal some innovative storage solutions.

Plus: What’s in the sky tonight, all the latest Australasian and global news in astronomy and space science, telescope and astrophotography tips and so much more.

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