Coming up in the Febuary 2019 issue of Australian Sky & Telescope magazine — on sale on January 17:

  • Spacetime ripples — Scientists are keeping an eye on dozens of cosmic ‘timepieces’ for signs of gravitational ripples passing through.
  • First female pro astronomer — Who was the first professional woman astronomer? Was it the famous Caroline Herschel, or little-known Christine Kirch?
  • Meet the neighbours — Astronomers are compiling a census of the nearest stars to find out what we do and don’t know about them.
  • Deep views of the Horsehead — Can you see the Horsehead Nebula? It’s all about getting the right contrast and scale. We show you how.

Plus: What’s in the sky tonight, all the latest Australasian and global news in astronomy and space science, telescope and astrophotography tips and so much more.

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