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  • Mystery star — Professional and amateur astronomers have banded together to study a strangely behaving young binary star system. Could they be seeing the birth of planets?
  • How old are Saturn’s moons? — This deceptively simple question has caused planetary scientists to rethink some basic physics.
  • The Milky Way’s dark constellations — Many cultures draw patterns not with stars but with the darkness in between.
  • Arecibo’s legacy — The tragic loss of the iconic, giant radio telescope has ended more than 50 years of science and inspiration.
  • Buying binoculars for astronomy — Much of the advice you would have heard in the past is now obsolete following recent changes in the equipment marketplace.

Observing & exploring:

  • Binocular highlight — Journey through Messier 24’s tunnel into the Milky Way.
  • Evenings with the stars — There’s something fishy about Pisces (and bad puns).
  • Planets — Bright planets to see, both east and west.
  • Meteors — See the Orionid shower by moonlight.
  • Comets — Four comets to see this spring.
  • Variable stars — Your stepping stone into the Small Magellanic Cloud.
  • The Moon — Explore craters with hills in the middle.
  • Solar System — Even Saturn sometimes gets the blues (in its atmosphere).
  • Deep sky — Observing the Pegasus I galaxy cluster
  • Milky Way tour — The Milky Way offers a profusion of bright and dark nebulae, more often than not intertwined.
  • Neptune and Pallas — The big blue planet and a big asteroid put on a show.

Regular features:

  • Test report — Putting the QHY5III462C planetary camera to the test.
  • Astrophotography — Your first night-sky shots may not be perfect, but they can teach you a lot.
  • Test report — Knightware’s Deep Sky Planner 8 software helps organise your observing.
  • Astronomer’s workbench — Make your own push-to telescope.
  • Night life — Events and activities for astronomy enthusiasts.

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