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  • The elusive Planet X — Some astronomers suspect that a ninth planet lurks in the most distant reaches of the Solar System. But does it really exist?
  • The lithium mystery — Why do the oldest stars have only a third as much lithium as Big Bang predictions say they should?
  • Venus Renaissance — Only two spacecraft have orbited Venus since 1994. But three new space missions will soon transform our understanding of Earth’s ‘evil twin’ planet.
  • Building an ultra-portable Dobsonian — We show you how to build a lightweight reflecting telescope that fits in your carry-on airline luggage.
  • Tiny telescope aims high — Check out this optics project that are monolithic monuments to ingenuity.
  • Opposition season — It’s prime time viewing for Saturn, Pluto and Vesta this winter.
  • Astrophotography — See the winning photos from Sky-Watcher’s 2022 Astrophotographer of the Year competition.
  • Imaging — Using filters with your telescope and camera can help reveal the chemistry of the universe.
  • Intelligent life? — Space exploration can serve as an antidote to war. And vice versa.
  • Awards — Australian amateur astronomy’s highest award for achievement, the Berenice and Arthur Page Medal, has been awarded to two worthy recipients.

Observing & exploring:

  • Binocular highlight — Omega Centauri is the biggest and best globular star cluster in the whole sky, and we have the best views right here in Australasia. Check it out.
  • Evenings with the stars — Grab a glimpse of a bevy of celestial beauties in the constellation Boötes.
  • Planets — Planetary action is heating up, with Saturn showcased in the evening sky.
  • Meteors — There’ll be good moonlight conditions for two mid-winter meteor showers.
  • Comets — Are we long overdue for the appearance of a spectacular sungrazing comet?
  • Variable stars — Take the proto-star observing challenge by tracking down RU Lupi.
  • Planets — Saturn reaches opposition on August 15. See if you can spot any changes in its rings!
  • Deep sky — Sagitta, the celestial Arrow, guides to deep sky treasures both simple and subtle.

Regular features:

  • Test report — We take a look at Sky-Watcher’s Evoguide 50DX, a new version of the Evoguide 50 that has multiple uses for today’s astrophotographers and observers.
  • Pro-Am collaboration — Here’s a project you can join if you’re interested in the planet Venus.
  • Astronomer’s workbench — Big telescopes offer many options for improvement, including the clever Dobsonian mount showcased in our Jul/Aug issue.
  • Night life — Events and activities for astronomy enthusiasts.
  • New products — New telescopes, cameras and accessories.

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