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  • The short, violent lives of magnetars — Neutron stars with extreme magnetic fields are behind some of the biggest outbursts in the Milky Way.
  • Henrietta Swan Leavitt — Award-winning author Dava Sobel explains how one astronomer’s meticulous work left an important legacy.
  • Your 2022 night sky guide — Planets, eclipses, meteor showers, conjunctions and many other sights await stargazers this year.
  • Southern celestial scenery — New Zealand’s top astro-imagers once again show their stuff with some amazing astrophotography.
  • Cosmic explosion hunters — Astronomers are looking for flashes from gravitational-wave mergers, but often their searches turn up empty.
  • Lenses for nightscapes — When your nightscape photos fall short of expectations, the problem could be the lens.
  • Public outreach — Port Macquarie is to get a new $4.86 million Astronomical Science Centre.
  • Astrophotography — Producing high-quality astrophotos means learning a few key camera parameters.


  • Binocular highlight — Spotting the stars in between Gemini’s toes.
  • Evenings with the stars — Seeing the ‘Seven Sisters’ star cluster.
  • Planets — A rare Mars event on January 1 will begin the year.
  • Meteors — Get set for an all-night meteor show.
  • Comets — Four visible comets to begin the year.
  • Variable stars — The star X Monocerotis has the ‘X factor’.
  • Solar System — Get to know Jupiter’s ever-changing Great Red Spot.
  • Celestial calendar — Keeping an eye on the asteroid Iris.


  • Test report — We take a good look at DayStar Filter’s SolaREDi SR-127 QT hydrogen-alpha solar scope.
  • Pro-Am collaboration — Your asteroid observations could provide scientists with valuable data.
  • Astronomer’s workbench — How to make an innovative spherical mount from a bowling ball.
  • Night life — Events and activities for astronomy enthusiasts.

…and much more.

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