Here’s what you’ll find in the November 2018 issue of Australian Sky & Telescope magazine — on sale now!


  • Earth’s ‘toxic’ twin — scientists say it’s time we returned to the planet Venus to find out what went so wrong Earth’s twin planet
  • Vast cosmic void — what’s in the enormous region of near-emptiness just ‘next door’ in space? Scientists are trying to find out.
  • Monster telescopes — astronomers are building a new generation of super-scopes that will dwarf anything that has come before.
  • Restoring a giant — Aussie amateur astronomers are breathing new life into the historic Great Melbourne Telescope
  • Seeing the Seven Sisters — there’s more to this famous star cluster (the Pleiades) than meets the eye. See for yourself.
  • When cosmic colour came alive — the life story of David Malin, the man popularised the colours of the universe.


  • Binocular highlight — Atik, a star with a double identity
  • Under the stars — double stars and more in Capricornus
  • Planets — Venus returns to our dawn skies
  • Meteors — three spring and summer meteor showers to see
  • Variable stars — how to spot a star undergoing a ‘superoutburst’
  • Comets — when and where to see comet 46P/Wirtanen at its best
  • Deep sky — swim with this whale of a star cluster in Cetus
  • Double stars — find these stars hidden among the galaxies


  • Test report — we put Meade’s new Series 6000 70-mm apo astrograph through its paces
  • Astronomer’s workbench — inspiring a new generation of amateur telescope makers
  • Night Life — events and activities for astronomy enthusiasts
  • Focal point — a brush with death brings a new connection with the cosmos

…and much more.

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