Here’s what you’ll find in the April 2018 issue of Australian Sky & Telescope magazine — on sale now!


  • The Planet Hunter — NASA’s new TESS mission will scan 200,000 star systems
  • Dynamo Earth — Is our planet’s magnetism on the wane?
  • Sky scopes — Doing astronomy by balloon
  • The Zodiac — Where did all those constellations come from?
  • Telescope care — How to keep Schmidt-Cassegrain optics aligned
  • My dad and the telescope — A father’s love found new expression in celestial vistas.


  • Binocular highlight — Under Theta Carinae’s hot, blue radiance
  • Under the stars — Sirius isn’t Canis Major’s only ‘star’
  • Planets — A good time to observe Mercury
  • Meteors — The ever-reliable Eta Aquariids
  • Double stars — Wander west through Centaurus’ stars
  • Variable stars — V Pyxidis and its perplexing changes
  • Comets — C/2016 R2 puts on a remarkable display
  • Deep sky — Swim with Crab (Cancer) and Sea Monster (Hydra)
  • Exploring the Moon — Revealing the lunar surface’s watery secrets
  • Exploring the Solar System — A crazy theory about Venus


  • Test report — We put the QHY16200A Monochrome CCD camera through its paces
  • Astronomer’s workbench — Make a binocular mount that works!
  • Focal point — Where has my astro hobby gone?

…and much more.

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