Here’s what you’ll find in the January 2020 issue of Australian Sky & Telescope magazine — on sale now at your local newsagent, or you can subscribe to the print or digital edition.


  • Martian weather is a killer — Storms, radiation and dust combine to create a deadly environment on the Red Planet.
  • The river of stars — More than 3,000 square kilometres of South Australia’s Mid Murray district have been designated Australia’s first Dark Sky Reserve.
  • Dark sky destination — New Zealand is aiming to become the first country to officially be declared a ‘Dark Sky Nation’.
  • The neglected planets — Decades after a lone spacecraft flew by, Uranus and Neptune and their many moons still guard plenty of secrets.
  • Space missions in 2020 — Dozens of spacecraft are exploring the Solar System. We show you where they are.
  • Your night sky guide for 2020 — Lots of amazing celestial sights await stargazers this year.


  • Binocular viewing — Discover a stellar smorgasbord in Orion.
  • Under the stars — See how the cosmos is always on the move.
  • The planets — Venus dazzles in the dusk this month.
  • Meteor showers — Your guide to meteor showers in 2020.
  • Variable stars — How to catch a ‘unicorn’ star.
  • Comets — Learn about Aristotle’s ‘flaming beam’ comet.
  • Deep sky — Enjoy observing the famous Crab Nebula.
  • The Moon — Seeing craters on the lunar limb.
  • Observing challenge — Spotting changes in Hubble’s variable nebula.


  • Imaging — A collaboration among three friends is providing a dramatic new look at the glowing hydrogen spread across our Milky Way galaxy.
  • Test report — Road testing GSO’s new 25-cm classical Cassegrain telescope.
  • Astronomer’s workbench — Need to re-aluminise your telescope’s mirror. Try silvering instead.
  • Night life — events and activities for astronomy enthusiasts

…and much more.

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