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  • Rugged worlds — Two spacecraft sent to asteroids Ryugu and Bennu have unveiled worlds with formidable surfaces and mysterious histories.
  • Revising the story of planet formation — New tech has given astronomers access to the regions where planets are born, complicating our notions of planet formation.
  • Quicksilver astronomy — Forget lenses and aluminising: some astronomers are turning to dishes of mercury to study the universe.
  • Solar eclipses throughout the Solar System — Can total solar eclipses be seen from planets other than the Earth?
  • Changing of the guard — CMOS is set to overtake CCD as the dominant electronic imaging medium — but is it up to the task?
  • Telescope making — A Dobsonian relic of the 1970s has finally seen the light, complete with flower-power artwork.


  • Binocular highlight — It’s time to go deep sky stargazing in Puppis.
  • Under the stars — Focusing on fabled female figures in the constellations.
  • Planets — Get ready for Jupiter and Saturn’s double act.
  • Meteors — The Eta Aquariid meteor shower is bound to be a crowd-pleaser.
  • Comets — Two enigmatic ‘dark horse’ comets for amateurs to spot.
  • Variable stars — Scientists are expecting an explosion from the stars T Corona Borealis.
  • Deep sky — Tracking down ring galaxies.
  • Solar System — Can you spot the Mountains of Mitchel on Mars?
  • Celestial calendar — Seeing Jupiter’s moons, Venus’ phase and two eclipses.


  • Test report — We take a good look at Canon’s mirrorless EOS Ra camera. Is it right for you astro-imaging needs?
  • Astronomer’s workbench — How one amateur built a telescope tube out of carbon fibre.
  • Night life — Events and activities for astronomy enthusiasts.

…and much more.

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