Here’s what you’ll find in the January 2019 issue of Australian Sky & Telescope magazine — on sale now!


  • Celestial sensations — We present the winning photos from New Zealand’s top astrophotography competition.
  • Our 2019 sky guide — Our complete rundown of all the year’s best celestial phenomena for you to see.
  • Return to the iron planet — A new flotilla of satellites is set to double the number of spacecraft that have visited Mercury.
  • Monster science — The next generation of superscopes will have truck-size instruments and universe-size science projects.
  • Mars, the inside story — With the arrival of NASA’s Insight lander, scientists hope to learn what goes on in the Red Planet’s interior.
  • The fastest stars — Exploding white dwarfs can hurl their companions away at record speed, dooming them to roam intergalactic space for all eternity.
  • Hot products 2019 — Our pick of the top 15 new telescopes and accessories for the new year.


  • Binocular highlight — Gazing out into the Galactic rim
  • Under the stars — Meteor showers elicit wonder in us all
  • Planets — See Mars at night, Venus at dawn
  • Meteors — All the best showers for 2019
  • Variable stars — See S Doradus, the leader of the pack
  • Comets — Will 2019 be a slow year for comet observers?
  • Deep sky — Enjoy Orion, summer’s mighty hunter
  • Exploring the Moon — Studying the Imbrium impact basin
  • Minor planets — Say hello to main-belt asteroid, Hebe


  • Astrophotography — We show you how to successfully image under light-polluted skies
  • Test report — Remote Imaging with Chilescope, a 1-metre monster.
  • Astronomer’s workbench — We show you how to build a ‘bowling ball’ telescope mount
  • Night life — Events and activities for astronomy enthusiasts
  • In profile — Our new section where we say hello to some of Australasia’s best observers and astrophotographers

…and much more.

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