Here’s what you’ll find in the November 2019 issue of Australian Sky & Telescope magazine — on sale October 24 at your local newsagent, or you can subscribe to the print or digital edition.


  • Mapping the Milky Way — Recent years have seen tremendous strides in unravelling the galaxy’s spiral arms, and the next decade promises the best maps ever made of our celestial home.
  • Cosmic mariners — Astronomers are charting the vastness of space by tracking the currents in which galaxies swim.
  • Seeing stars — By linking arrays of telescopes together, scientists are revealing the long-hidden visages of faraway suns.
  • The path to totality — Enthusiasts are preparing their travel itineraries for the 2020 total solar eclipse in South America.
  • Spotlight on a Seyfert — Join the author as he takes a close look at one of the nearest and brightest Seyfert galaxies through a 1.2-metre telescope.
  • Amateur research — The Edward Corbould Research Fund is helping amateurs do real science.
  • Astrophotography — Demystifying image calibration.


  • Binocular highlight — Learning the sky with binoculars
  • Under the stars — See ‘eternity’ in the sky tonight
  • Planets — Get ready for a planetary triple treat
  • Meteors — Don’t miss the Puppid-Velids meteor shower
  • Variable stars — Christmas comets, good and bad
  • Comets — Hunt a star in Orion, the Hunter
  • Deep sky — Visit the dark clouds of Taurus
  • Solar System — Using Neptune to monitor the Sun
  • The Sun — A transit of Mercury and a solar eclipse


  • Test report —Celestron’s RASA 8 Schmidt Astrograph
  • Astronomer’s workbench — A clever parallelogram bino mount
  • Night life — events and activities for astronomy enthusiasts

…and much more.

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